Who we are?

We are CPIP - Comunitatea Pentru Invatarea Permanenta, a Romanian private institution and NGO, active in the educational and social fields, with experience in the area of lifelong learning since 2010.

What we do?

In our work and through our previos projects we are supporting the culture and practice of lifelong learning by developing national and international activities and organizing courses, training seminars or expert workshops with the involvement of national and international institutions and experts.

Our mision

Our goal is to promote the culture of lifelong learning through active involvement of all community members in developing a coherent strategy for implementing the concept and practice of “learning throughtout life”. ┬áIn our opinion the process of lifelong learning is more than a simple aspect in the education or training system. It is the path to a better future, the most effective solution to help a modest society transition towards a Knowledge Era. Our mission is to introduce lifelong learning in all fields and to channel our entire activity towards creating a viable alternative in developing a learning community.

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